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Bio-Strath is a producer of natural food supplements based on the valuable and unique Strath herbal yeast.

There is an increasing need for “gentle” but effective products and an even greater demand for these to be natural. Bio-Strath firmly believes that the Strath products meet these requirements perfectly. The family business can rely on its enthusiastic and committed staff to produce top-quality products day in, day out. Natural raw materials, gentle processing to meet the latest standards using the most up-to-date procedures, and compliance with strict production guidelines all come together to form the basis for this.

The Bio-Strath company was founded in Zurich in 1961 by David Pestalozzi's, owner of Bio-Strath AG, father. The Strath products can be found in pharmacies, chemists, health-food stores, and in over 50 countries throughout the world.

David Pestalozzi is proud that they are already the second generation to create their products in Switzerland and that, with Strath, they are able to contribute to a better quality of life.

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