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Watsonville,  CA  | 1652 km from Lower Mainland

At the foot of Mt. Shasta, in the sharp mountain sunlight, they and the earth are working on a miracle. It is a strawberry plant. And their goal is that it will one day parent a berry that will be better than today's Driscoll's brand strawberry. Not easy when you already grow the most premium berries available.

And that alone is the result of nearly 50 years of working to improve their strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries--all of which have created Driscoll's reputation as the industry leader.

Yet when you are in front, you have only yourself to beat. And that takes commitment to the ideal that they can grow and bring you higher and more consistent berry quality. Juicier. Sweeter. More perfectly shaped. With flavours that sing and are not forgotten. Because that will bring customers back time after time.

So Driscoll's geneticists, plant breeders, entomologists, plant pathologists, and horticulturists selectively breed and cultivate hundreds of thousands of new strawberry varieties to obtain one new, improved variety. Their goal: improved flavor, appearance, increased resistance to disease and pests (to reduce the need for pesticides). The benefit: improved fruit, lower costs, extended availability.

Only the earth and nature can "make" plants. But Driscoll's enhances that miracle by making it as natural as possible. But growing better berries isn't all technology. Part of it is the art of the Driscoll grower--men and women who love the land and coax the best out of it. And who are part of a half-century heritage of quality. Part is careful pickers continuously trained to observe tough grading standards. And growers so concerned about quality that they even travel to market destinations to see how the fruit looks upon arrival.

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