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The Forno de Minas' recipe has been passed down from generation to generation. “Dona” Dalva had for a long time delighted her family with the Pão de Queijo she baked at home. This delicious homemade recipe was the starting point for the company. In 1990, “Dona” Dalva, began selling her Pão de Queijo in a small shop in the state capital. This led her into business and, in 1990, she started Forno de Minas, a family-owned company she still runs jointly with her children. The company is a pioneer producer of frozen Pão de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Roll), a top-of-mind brand in Brazil, and absolute leader in market share, exporting to many countries around the world.

Using only natural ingredients sourced from local producers, respecting the preparation process used by the farmers for centuries, Forno de Minas’ Pão de Queijo is the authentic taste from Brazil’s heartland.

Since 2014, Forno de Minas has operated a fully owned subsidiary in the U.S., the first outside Brazil, where Americans can now find the authentic Pão de Queijo in grocery stores, movie theaters, and restaurants.

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