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Kelowna,  BC 

As a holistic nutritionist, the first thing Maddie learned is that the most essential and effective way to improve digestion is to CHEW. Imagine her horror when it was next-to-impossible to get a list of ingredients for the products going into her mouth at the dentist. In that moment, she became obsessed with protecting and caring for her most precious digestive assets. Her dentist experience reflects the passive cultural attitude about oral care: we outsource, just like when we take our cars to the mechanic.

Gaia Smiles is an expression of her love for mouths, but also an attempt to introduce a more holistic approach to oral care in general - one that creates a more engaged relationship with our mouths. She dreams of a culture that puts as much thought and care into oral hygiene as it does skincare! Don’t go and quit the dentist though (they have important jobs). Her hope is that you’ll have a better understanding of what’s happening in your mouth, what’s ‘normal’ for you, and hopefully save a couple bucks at your next appointment by preventing decay. Of course, what makes Gaia truly holistic is that they are also good stewards of the environment, using ethically sourced ingredients and sustainable packaging.

The business started off as a little DIY experiment spurred on by her own need for a mineral-rich, toxin-free toothpaste. Among the first editions were baking-soda-based formulas, coconut oil pastes, and one batch where she tried a recipe that was saltier than the sea itself. Months of trial, error, and experiments on friends later - she landed on an early version of the formula used today. The first die-hard fan was her Grandma Devlin, who continues to support Maddie in all her endeavours! After a few years of making products for friends and the occasional market, Gia Smiles launched their first website on July 1, 2020. It’s been a long journey at a fast pace to get where they are today. They so thankful you’re along for the ride!

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