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Sebastopol,  CA  | 1460 km from Lower Mainland

Guayaki means "people". Guayaki's mission is to cultivate sustainability by working in harmony with indigenous cultures and their environment to produce products that promote market-driven conservation. Guayaki believes that sustainability is our best hope for the future. Three hundred native Guayaki people live within the 20,000 acre Guayaki Rainforest Reserve. This reserve is also home to over 300 bird and mammal species. Guayaki Yerba Mate cultivation generates sustainable income for the Rainforest Reserve.

Yerba Mate is a naturally nutritious stimulant that helps to provide mental clarity, sustain physical energy, aids digestion and contains helpful antioxidants. It is the national drink of Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay.

Highly nutritious, Yerba Mate contains carotene, vitamins A. C, E, B-1, B-2 and B-complex; riboflavin; nicotinic acid; pantothenic acid; biotin; magnesium; calcium; iron; sodium; potassium; manganese; silicon; phosphates; sulfur; hydrochloric acid; chlorophyll; choline; and inositol.

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