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Jersey City,  NJ  | 4806 km from Lower Mainland

Calbee America, a subsidiary of a large Japanese snack-food company, produces contemporary, healthful snack foods in the USA. SnackSalad was developed for the many customers who wish to get the healthy benefits of eating healthy in a more delicious way. It is a brand-new, natural and tasty appetizer food serving a wide variety of needs. You can eat it any way you want. You can have it as a salad substitute...as a side dish for lunch or dinner...as a topping...as an appetizer...or as a simple snack that can be enjoyed for just about any time. If all the necessary nutrients are to be obtained only from food sources, we need to consume a wide variety of foods. Over a long period of time, Asian people have developed a dietary tradition in which various types of food are consumed in small amounts. This eating habit reflects their deep concern about health and their desire for enjoyable eating. Calbee believes that we should reconsider a dietary habit in which only certain types of food are eaten to satisfy hunger and insufficient nutrients are supplied from dietary supplements.

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