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When I was a kid, my mum introduced me to Hibiscus drink, commonly known as Zobo in Nigeria, I immediately loved it and had it every week at home. I always looked forward to having Zobo (Hibiscus drink) every week and at events, I especially loved the "Zobo Popsicle" which was my favourite. Having experienced such a positive part of my childhood, I one day wanted to share the joy I experienced with the rest of the world.

I created my favourite drink recipe - Hibisberry to introduce the world to a part of my Nigerian heritage. Hibisberry is made with love, and I hope to inspire, motivate, and give you Your Daily Dose of Feel Good in every sip.

- Ekaose Mon-John Nwadiani - Founder/CEO

Refreshing Ready-to-drink Hibiscus Iced Teas are [inspired by our local Nigerian beverage from dried Roselle plant flowers called Hibiscus] infused with natural flavours containing antioxidants, Vitamin C and lots of other health benefits.

DID YOU KNOW...Hibiscus contains more antioxidants than Green Tea?

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