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Maldon,  | 7740 km from Lower Mainland

We hope you paid attention to geography at school. If so, you’ll appreciate the whys and wherefores of a product born from time, place and tide. There are good reasons why Maldon Salt is in Maldon. Flat tide-washed marshes and low rainfall mean high salinity and the ideal place to start the Maldon Salt Company in 1882.

There was something special about this salt from the beginning: sold in Harrods and Fortnums within a few years, first exported (to Sweden, land of salt connoisseurs) in the middle of the last century, recommended by St Delia in 2000, and granted the Royal Warrant on its 130th birthday in 2012.

Where once there were three salt pans at Maldon Salt, now there are 19. The company has not only survived - unique among its local competitors - it thrives.

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