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St. John,  NB 

For many decades, Canadians and American have enjoyed incredible Indian food... at restaurants. What they enjoyed at home was usually created with a single-step sauce, and did it ever taste like the restaurant? Not enough to be proud of; not enough to really hit the spot.

If you're like us, you love Indian food because it's incredible, not because it's OK. So the question Master Indian Spice sought to answer at our inception was: "How do you make incredible Indian food easy to make for someone who hasn't done it before?"

Our business was built to solve this problem with a simple product. There are hundreds of delicious Indian entrées. So we took the most popular ones and, with the help of chefs in North India, began to design a step-by-step system, simplifying the best traditional and restaurant versions of dishes like Madras, Butter Chicken, and Tikka Masala.

The result is a cook-at-home kit that is fast and easy, but completely delicious, worthy of being served in a renowned Indian restaurant.

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