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Brampton,  ON  | 4187 km from Lower Mainland

When Chuck Harvey learned that his oldest daughter Rachael decided to become vegan, he was concerned. It wasn’t Rachael’s values that concerned Chuck, but whether she was getting the essential nutrients needed to sustain her healthy, active lifestyle.

As a leader in food innovation, Chuck set out to learn more about vegan food supplements and what was necessary to support his daughter’s dietary choices. What he learned was that although many plant-based protein manufacturers provided the basics, many products were either incomplete sources of protein, lacked flavour, or packed with sugar.

Not one product seemed to cover all of the things that were important to Rachael.

Taking this up as a challenge, Chuck and his team of food scientists and nutritionists set out to develop a plant-based protein with superior flavour; 100% dairy, soy, gluten and nut-free; and, that contained no artificial sweeteners. The result after two years of product development was PROFI - the best tasting, complete, plant-based protein.

For Chuck, "Connecting a complete, plant-based product with the values and needs of the vegan community was essential to creating a winning formula"

The story has just begun. Driven by innovation, PROFI continues to create superior plant-based protein products and flavours to support healthful, active lifestyles.

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