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Salt Spring Island,  BC  | 82 km from Lower Mainland

Salt Spring Pie Co.

"I am lucky enough to have grown up on beautiful Salt Spring Island. I was raised on my family’s farm, Mereside Farm, we had chickens, pigs, cows, sheep, gardens, hay fields even outdoor cellars full of all kinds of beautiful preserves. All of my family participated in running the farm, milking cows, harvesting vegetables, throwing hay bails, picking fruit, churning butter, making bread, picking mushrooms, collecting eggs, and on and on. Almost everything we ate came from the farm, we were brought up on fresh eggs, cream, butter, even home made yogurt. For years as long as I can remember my mother spent her days making “real farm food” to feed the many uncles, aunties, friends, children, and farm hands that came through their kitchen. Naturally I was right there in the middle of it, sitting on the counter in the kitchen with them, watching, learning and loving every minute of it!

As I got older my passion for harvesting, growing and cooking grew, I went to culinary school worked in fancy restaurants and spent years running a successful catering business. Eventually I found I wanted to come back to my roots and so I sat down with mom and together we created recipes of healthy, wholesome, “REAL FOOD” , savoury and sweet pies. We researched, tested and tweaked many recipes looking for “THE” pastry recipe until we perfected it, and even after making it hundreds of times we still cannot help but comment on how beautifully it rolls out and bakes off……….every time.

The idea behind Salt Spring Pie Co. is to bring that same quality to you and your family that I was so lucky to have in mine. In the planning of the pie company the goal was to use locally sourcedingredients, everything about me wants to support our local farmers, while continuing to provide a nourishing product for families. I have managed to source many organic vegetables, and in season providing them myself from the large family garden. After much research and contemplation I have found it virtually impossible to provide a pie made with all local ingredients as the cost is simply too high and puts Salt Spring Pie Co. out of reach of the average family to purchase. This was not an easy decision for me to make and I have struggled to find peace of mind offering a product that isn’t 100% Salt Spring. Being born and raised here, and having the pride that I do about this special place, I hope that you understand why I have made this difficult choice.

Salt Spring Pie Co. is now in the hands of three generations, my mom Carol, myself and my niece Lillah now working side by side in the Mereside Farm kitchen with the most glorious pastry ever! I am so pleased to offer you a home made delicious pie for you to enjoy!

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