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Specialty coffee roasted with fresh, clean mountain air. What is air roasted coffee and what makes it different? Our process at Slopeside Coffee Roasting Co is different than how most coffee is done these days. The majority of companies use what are called drum roasters. These machines are not very energy efficient, generally use fossil fuels as an energy source, and often leave behind a byproduct (chaff) to smoke and get burnt into the batch of coffee. This can lead to a bitter and unpleasant tasting cup. At Slopeside, we use a fluid bed roasting process that requires only electricity and air to roast the coffee. It has a system to suck out the chaff that comes off the coffee as it roasts, leaving a perfectly balanced coffee every time. Fluid bed roasters are not often used in commercial roasting because they are not able to match the massive output of coffee that traditional drum roasters can do. But that's fine with us- our focus at Slopeside is to roast small batches using the best tools possible to give you the most delicious cup of coffee.

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