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| 8233 km from Lower Mainland

In France, sugar was in very limited supply so people would use grape ‘must’, a by-product of wine making, as an alternative sweetener. One winemaker, Monsieur Dalfour, passed their grape must recipe down through the generations and even shared it with one of their neighbours, Madame Kistner. She used the grape must to make fruit spreads and even named them in honour of Monsieur Dalfour, calling him a Saint for such a fantastic recipe.

Mr Kistner was approached by his lifelong friend Norton Cooper who suggested that fruit spread made with grape must would make an excellent alternative to traditional jam and that there could be some good potential to sell it to consumers.

Norton Cooper approached the Tate family for their advice and expertise of the fruit spread market. The Tate family realised what a great product Norton Cooper had and agreed to help bring the product to market. St. Dalfour fruit spread is born.

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