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Vancouver,  BC  | 1 km from Lower Mainland

Urban Tadka specializes in Awadhi cuisine, also known as royal cuisine, which is native to the city of Nawabs, Lucknow. Awadhi cuisine is highly influenced by the Mughals cooking technique where meat kebabs are cooked over open charcoal and curries are cooked over a slow flame with aromatic spices, rose petals, and kewra water. Moreover, Awadhi cuisine is made with passion and love, something that you can taste in our food.

At Urban Tadka, we strive to bring joy through our food and do our part to reduce the footprint. Awadhi cuisine is undoubtedly a labor of love, but without the freshest ingredients, it would all be meaningless. We commit to source locally and organically as often as possible and use biodegradable and compostable containers for our delivery services. We try to let nothing go to waste, and if so, we compost our food scraps and recycle our hard plastics.

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