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Vancouver,  BC  | 1 km from Lower Mainland

Based in Vancouver, BC, Wize Tea develops the award-winning "Coffee Leaf Tea", an infusion made from arabica coffee leaves processed into an infusion. Coffee Leaf Tea doesn’t have any bitterness or tannins compared to traditional black or green teas, while also containing a lighter amount of caffeine and a very smooth and delicate taste enjoyed by tea and coffee drinkers alike.

Traditionally a by-product, they have been studied in the past few years and shown high concentration of polyphenols, including mangiferin and chlorogenic acids, with antioxidants higher than green tea and the potential to reduce inflammation and have an effect on nitric oxide production. The additional harvest in the 9-month-long off-season now generates year-round jobs and revenue for coffee farming communities, up from just 3 months activity with coffee beans.

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