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We are Old Growth Beverages

Our families have been drinking tea for generations. For our health, our peace of mind and as a way to socialize and enjoy our quiet moments or when enjoying each other's company. There's nothing better than drinking a comforting microground instant tea with family, friends or in those moments of quiet solitude.

We were inspired to create a line of microground teas in order that we could take advantage of the entire tea leaf; capturing all the health benefits of the tea leaf by micro grinding it so that it can be consumed in a highly dissolvable instant beverage and thus providing a fast and delicious soothing beverage to enjoy alone or to share.

We want to be the catalyst that helps you create memorable moments for you, your family and your friends by surrounding you in incredible microground dissolvable instant black / green teas, microground dissolvable tea and spice mixes and microground coffee and spice mixes.

OGB strives to be your first choice when considering a warming and soothing beverage; whether tea, coffee, coffee substitute, rooibos or chocolate based hot beverages. Let us delight your senses and bring peace and joy to you, your family and friends in an instant.

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