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Every Week is Waste Reduction Week at SPUD!
There is no one solution to reducing waste, that's why we look at every part of our business to cut waste and be climate friendly, from farm to fork. Below are some of the ways we are fighting waste
Turning our food waste into farming compost
Our produce that is passed its prime is donated to local charities or local farms who then use it to feed their livestock which we then buy and sell. This creates a closed sustainable loop with local partnerships that we are very proud to be a part of!

We work with farms like
Blue Mountain Biodynamics Farms
Takeback Program
We also take back glass jars for Earnest Ice Cream and Avalon milk. When you purchase any products from these vendors, make sure that you return the (clean) packaging in your SPUD bin so we can recycle it for you.
Imperfect Produce
We sell imperfect produce because we know what matters is on the inside, these fruits and vegetables deserve to be eaten. Many consumers expect their produce to be the perfect size, colour and free of blemishes. As a result of this, over 30% of fruits and vegetables in North America are rejected by supermarkets because they aren't 'attractive' enough. This often results in good food literally going to waste!
Cardboard Shredder
This summer as part of a pilot project we got a snazzy new cardboard shredder for our Edmonton warehouse. The cardboard shredder allows us to wrap glass bottles and other breakable items in recycled cardboard, eventually eliminating the need for protective plastic between our warehouse and customers. The pilot project has been a huge success and we plan on installing at cardboard shredder at our Vancouver and Calgary warehouses soon.
Our Vendors Fighting Waste
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