March Spotlight
Women & Sustainable Food Systems
By making the world a more equal place, we see improvements to the wellness of communities and the environment. This month, support gender equality in our food system by purchasing from women-owned businesses!
Drizzle was born out of a desire to showcase the unique qualities of raw, unadulterated honey, introducing innovation to honey products and supporting the health of local bee populations through empowering sustainable production in beekeeping.
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Eve's Crackers
Eeating healthy can taste really freaking good!!! My goal was to heal myself through food, I wasn't eating gluten, corn, nuts, or sugar so my options were very limited, so I made my own!
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Honest Dumplings
Our core value is to inspire people to find their passion, to encourage people to follow their hearts and make the change, to demonstrate that it can be done.
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There are so many kids now that have various and numerous food restrictions, and they were all being left out. I was determined to find a fun, healthy way to make delicious food inclusive!
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When it came to deciding what flavours to create for tubify I centered it around taste and picking only the best, low processed ingredients. I keep all the fibers from the whole fruit intact, and the juices are not pasteurized so you get all the good vitamins and enzyme benefits of alive foods!
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Aspen Clean
When I realized how many toxic ingredients were in traditional cleaning products learnt about their impact on human health and the environment, I decided to create all-natural, eco-friendly, transparent cleaning products that were as effective as conventional ones. It's my goal to change the way people clean their homes.
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We've not only been able to buy from our local growers through the ingredients we source, but we are starting to make an impact globally as well. We've been able to partner directly with cashew farmers, allowing us to have a hand in supporting those communities as well.
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Lotus Foods
We support agricultural practices that protect and restore natural resources, and improves the quality of life for farmers, who usually are women. Together we can all "Do the Rice Thing".
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Profits given for good
SPUD.CA has partnered with Young Agrarians and will be providing funding to programs that benefit future women farmers in both British Columbia and Alberta.
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