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Fighting Hunger with Pulses

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Often described as the world's most diverse superfood - pulses are rich in nutritional value, and a good source of protein and micronutrients. They are a relatively inexpensive critical source of plant-based proteins and amino acids especially in poorer areas where meat and dairy are financially inaccessible. They play an equally important role in soil health maintenance and improvement. They're known for their ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen, catalyzing the creation of high-quality organic matter in soils and facilitate water retention. These characteristics help farmers reduce their use of fertilizers and energy in arable agricultural systems, which also reduces greenhouse gas emissions! Not just bio-diversity, pulses are a super diverse friend in the kitchen, throw them into soups & salads or make them your main ingredient for chili, pasta and curry.

To tell the world about this nutritious food that helps promote food security for farmers and families both globally and locally in BC. With the support of our wonderful vendor Flourist, we are giving away 10 000 meals in pulses to local charities- (guess how much this is in dollars, it's a lot less than you think!). Find recipes and more here and support World Pulses Day by buying pulses below.

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